Patrizia Tequila

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Savor the full-bodied richness of this double-distilled tequila, encased in a creamy texture and an elegant amber hue graced with golden sparkles.

Its smooth, enchanting aroma exudes notes of wood, signifying a meticulous 24-month aging process.

The palette is treated to an exquisite interplay of sweet, vigorous oak with fine undertones of walnut and hazelnut. 

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Made straight from the supercar founder's exclusive vineyard In Italy


Grapes grown on family-run vineyards which are carefully tended and harvested by hand.


While we honor our Italian roots, we embrace innovation in our world-class winemaking.


Sleek, modern packaging with bold colour that evokes our sports car heritage. 

"One of the most spectacular wines made in Italy"

The birth of a legend

To fully understand the legend that is Lamborghini, we start with the man and the land where it all began.

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The harsh, sweet Umbriato landscape compelled Ferruccio Lamborghini’s return to his roots: agriculture.