Campoleone Sangiovese Merlot 2016

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Experience the zenith of Umbrian blends with our 1500ml Campoleone, a perfect Sangiovese and Merlot fusion that radiates an inky black color and uncompromised elegance.

Infused with deep tones of coffee, tobacco, chocolate, and quality tannins, its soft, enduring finish promises a tasting journey of 10-15 years, enriched by shapely fruit tones and a myriad of complex spices.

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The most representative wine of our company...

Campoleone IGT Umbria Rosso is the company's representative wine. Composed of 50% Sangiovese and 50% Merlot, it is produced in Umbria, in the Lake Trasimeno area.

A small part of the vineyards from which it comes date back to the 1970s, while the almost majority are more recent plantings with a density of 5,500 vines per hectare and a yield per plant that never exceeds 1 kg.

Maceration lasts eighteen days in contact with the skins. After malolactic fermentation, which takes place entirely in barriques, the Sangiovese and Merlot are matured separately for a period of twelve months in French oak barriques.

The wines are blended only before being bottled, where they mature for at least six months. A red wine for long ageing, an elegantly complex wine with a solid structure. It has a deep ruby red colour, the bouquet is very broad, ranging from notes of cassis and plums, violet, tobacco, leather with a slightly spicy balsamic undertone. The tannins are ripe and enveloping and the finish long and persistent.

It goes well with roasted red meat, game, spicy cheeses and chocolate.

COLOUR: Dark purplish red, impenetrable.

BOUQUET: Notes of ripe fruit, tobacco, chocolate.

FLAVOUR: Deep sensations of coffee, tobacco, chocolate, red fruits.

ZONE OF ORIGIN: Lake Trasimeno - Panicale(UMBRIA)

VINEYARD: Sangiovese and Merlot

TYPE OF TRAINING: Spurred cordon with a planting density of 5,000 plants Ha

AGING: 10-15 years

ALCOHOL: 14.0% PH 3.58

TOTAL ACIDITY: 5.31 g/litre

DRY EXTRACT: 32.9 g/litre


Made straight from the supercar founder's exclusive vineyard In Italy


Grapes grown on family-run vineyards which are carefully tended and harvested by hand.


While we honor our Italian roots, we embrace innovation in our world-class winemaking.


Sleek, modern packaging with bold colour that evokes our sports car heritage. 

"One of the most spectacular wines made in Italy"

The birth of a legend

To fully understand the legend that is Lamborghini, we start with the man and the land where it all began.

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The harsh, sweet Umbriato landscape compelled Ferruccio Lamborghini’s return to his roots: agriculture.